My Year Of Linux

Toward the end of last year, I think that I reached the point that many developers have reached having worked on Windows machines for so long »

Building Atom for 64-bit Arch Linux

As most people have heard, Github open-sourced their new text editor Atom a few days ago. What you may not know, or care if you have »

Fog Creek Hashing Puzzle

A few days ago, Fog Creek Software posted a really cool puzzle on their software developer jobs page. The problem is as follows: Find a 9 »

Unwrapping a matrix in a spiral pattern

This is my solution to a Programming Praxis exercise that was posted a while back. Given a potentially non-square matrix, write a function that returns its »

Identify the movie from a Perl snippet

Inspired by this gist from a little while ago, I decided to make a listing that was mostly Perl (there are a couple in HTML and »

How many chops does it take Hercules to kill an N-headed Hydra?

I came across a pretty interesting little puzzle yesterday posted on Hacker News, written by Tejas Dinkar. The problem was stated as follows: You are Hercules »